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                    About us

                    Yongfeng machinery is committed to the food processing industry

                    AnLu Yongfeng Food Processing Machine Co., Ltd is restructured from DongFangHong Food and Oil Processing Machinery Co. under the management of the State Ministry of Commerce and is specialized in designing and manufacturing internationally advanced grain processing equipments.
                    The company boasts specialized workteam of designing, producing and installation jobs. Our machines are supplied to many overseas markets and are very popular with the users. We share and enjoy the success of our products with our respectful clients all over the world.
                    Yongfeng Company devotes full strength in product and technology research and improvement. It keeps strict standard in product quality and working performance. Thus its full series of single machine and complete processing lines working excellently and is praised as leading supplier in China.

                    Enterprise show

                    • Product workshop
                      Product workshop
                    • Export product workshop
                      Export product workshop
                    • Processing workshop
                      Processing workshop
                    • Production workshop
                      Production workshop

                    Contact Us

                    AnLu Yongfeng Food Processing Machine Co., Ltd.
                    Add: No.250 DeAn North Road,Anlu City
                    Zip code: 432600
                    Tel: +86-712-5257893
                    Contact: +86-18907296718(Zhang)
                    E-mail: hbyflj@163.com


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